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Salut by Schiaparelli c1934

Salut by Schiaparelli: launched in 1934, and was meant to be worn as an accessory to women's sports clothes and was recommended for young girls.

By 1941, the Salut de Schiaparelli fragrance was available in the following:
  • dusting powder
  • bath sponges
  • eau de cologne
  • perfume
  • talc 

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like?  I am lucky enough to have a small sample of this fragrance, which I believe is the eau de cologne strength. There are no notes listed anywhere so I am testing this sample right now to give you an idea of what notes I do detect. The overall effect is vibrant, sharp, crisp, and fresh, green with a slight medicinal tone. Let's just say this is a romantic chypre and very heavy on the lily of the valley!
  • Top notes: aldehydes, citrus, citronella?, geranium, hyssop?
  • Heart notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli, gardenia, narcissus, hyacinth, and tuberose
  • Base notes: sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, benzoin

The Delineator, 1935:
"Schiaparelli, the brilliant couturiere, has just put out some perfumes. Her first. "Schiap" which is dedicated to the sportswoman, is our favorite, but for indoors "Salut" is pretty fetching."

The Illustrated London News, 1937:
"Thank you," say women of understanding to Schiaparelli, " for giving us three perfumes." " Salut " for the evening ; it reveals and accentuates personality, and is distinctive in every way. Its packing is artistic."

Esquire, 1939:
"Schiaparelli's dusty rose and jasmine Shocking— emotional intensity in a bottle— and the gay, light Salut, with a lily base, for the young in heart."

Drug & Cosmetic Industry, 1939:
"Schiaparelli presents the new Salut — a crystal flask containing the fragrance of a whole flower garden emerges from white petals set against a blue satin background. "

"SALUT by SCHIAPARELLI, a floral fragrance with a salute to the brilliance of evening and of the stars. In a graceful bottle enclosed by a plaster lily. "
"SALUT. DE SCHIAPARELLI. Eau de Cologne and Bath Sponges. A beauty in a wonderful French fragrance. Salut has a flowerlike scent that is fresh and sweet."


"Salut," a perfume bottle for Schiaparelli, circa 1939, in clear glass, with enameled name label, sealed, in cork box. Ht. 2". Photo by Rago Arts

Fate of the Fragrance:

The perfume seems to have been discontinued around 1954.

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