Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shocking Radiance by Schiaparelli c1943

Shocking Radiance, was the name of four special oils that came out in 1943, each was scented with the perfume Shocking. These oils had a base of lanolin.

Shocking Body Radiance was an alcohol-free perfumed oil that gave the skin a lustrous sheen. It was recommended for usage before sunbathing at the beach. When used in this manner, it was said to guard against burns, and the drying effects of sand and the salty air. It was a gentle, soothing emollient for dry, roughened skin. It was also touted as a cleanser and conditioner for tired, thirsty skin. Meant to be applied generously all over the body after bath, you would then remove excess with a tissue and leave it on overnight.

  • Shocking Eyelid Radiance was an oil to make your lids lustrous.
  • Shocking Lip Radiance was an oil that you would apply over your lipstick it would give your lips a brilliant, dewy flower petal appeal, much akin to what lip gloss does today.
  • Shocking Skin Radiance was an oil for cleansing and smoothing the face,also used over make-up and give a satiny surface to the fresh application.
  • Shocking Radiance Powder

All of the boxes and labels for the bottles were designed by Salvador Dali for Schiaparelli. The Shocking Radiance Collection seems to have been discontinued around 1949-1950.

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