Bottles & Packaging

During WWII, the Schiaparelli perfumes were put up in wartime bottles and packaging. These items will most likely be marked "Présentation Provisoire" or they may not be marked. These bottles are cylindrical and have disk shaped stoppers, like the one shown below.

The New Yorker, 1935:
"Schiaparelli has just put up three half-ounce bottles of her perfumes in a great semicircle of cork — Soucis, with a sandalwood base; Salut, for evening (hyacinth and Madonna lily make it a bit too heady for my taste) ; and Schiap, bittersweet."

Harper's Bazaar, 1953:
"Schiaparelli's new "Succes Fou ": woods, spice and flowers in an ivy-leaf bottle."
The New Yorker, 1954:
"While Succes Fou will never replace Schiaparelli's Shocking great, it is a nice flowers-and-forest combination. A two-ounce bottle of cologne with a spray top is $3.30."
Women's Guide to Europe, 1954:
"Schiaparelli , 21 Place Venddme. "Succes Fou"- indeed a mad success,"Salut"- for young girls," Snuff '-tweedy, male, "Sleeping" - wistful."
Woman's Home Companion, 1954:
" Schiaparelli's Succes Fou Cologne. Concentrated in a new mist spray atomizer bottle. $3.45"

Graphis, 1954:
"Schiaparelli's Succes Fou Perfume. made and packaged in France. . . $12.50, $23.50 and $40.00."

Harper's Bazaar, 1956:
"A trio of party snappers by Schiaparelli . Their surprise: a dram of EACH "Shocking," "'Sleeping" and " Succes Fou "Eau de Parfum. $ 4.50."

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