Sunday, July 27, 2014

Schiaparelli Perfumed Bath Sponges c1940

Schiaparelli Perfumed Bath Sponges. You would drop one of these compressed cotton disks into the tub and it would expand into a full size wash cloth scented with Shocking or Salut perfume.

Art and Industry, 1940;
"Bath sponges — tiny discs which dilate into wash cloths when dipped in water — and heart-shaped, rose-coloured soap are packed in Schiaparelli designed red and white boxes."

Cue, 1951:
"Another traveler's aid is Schiaparelli's Bath Sponge. In the hand, it's a tiny disk, but in water it becomes a full-size fragrant wash cloth. And it does a thorough job of cleansing, too. At $1.75."

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