Sunday, July 27, 2014

Botticelliana by Schiaparelli c1933

The name Botticelliana was first used as a name for a perfume by Schiaparelli in 1933, this was discontinued shortly after it's introduction and was relaunched in 1977.

The 1977 Version:

Botticelliana, a limited edition mini perfume bottle by Schiaparelli that was created exclusively to support fellow designer Serge Lepage's launch of The Botticelliana Collection (The Birth of Venus) in 1977. The collection featured a gown encrusted with 512 diamonds weighing 650 carats and valued at $2 million. This luxurious gown was advertised as the “the most expensive gown in the world.”

The clear glass mini perfume bottle was meant to be worn on a necklace and is modeled after the famous dressmaker's dummy bottle used for Shocking. The cap is adorned with gold plated decoration. Each bottle was signed and numbered.

The bottle stands 2" tall x 1" wide and held 0.25 oz of Shocking You parfum.

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