Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chloro-Cologne by Schiaparelli c1952

Chloro-Cologne by Schiaparelli: launched in 1952. This was a cologne infused with chlorophyll, it could be had in several different Schiaparelli scents such as Shocking and Si.

The reason for the inclusion of chlorophyll? Well in the 1950s, it was touted as an odor destroyer, but science was able to prove that it only desensitized the olfactory nerve endings found in the nose, so you were still smelling an odor, albeit dull, just not as full strength. It was derived from alfalfa and was an ingredient thrown added to toothpastes, deodorants, mouthwash, bad breath tablets, soap and other products. So naturally, it was added to fragrance.

Harper's Bazaar, 1952:
"Giant editions of famous classics help improve a September day. Here, twelve ounces of Schiaparelli's Chloro-Cologne scented with "Shocking" and turned cool green by chlorophyll, to keep your skin clean and fresh. •$5. Saks Fifth Avenue."

Kiplinger's Personal Finance, 1952:
"Chloro-Cologne de Schiaparelli — chlorophyl plus a slug of the famous Shocking fragrance, presumably thrown in for safety's sake."

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